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Campus Safety & Security

GCC strives to provide a safe and secure campus for all its students and employees. The following is a listing of activities that the College either follows or has undertaken to provide a reasonably safe environment in which to work and learn.

Emergency Operations Plan & Procedures
Annual Security Report 

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Disclosure
AY2022-2023 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Disclosure

Contact Information
  • In any life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately.
  • After providing that information to 911, please call Student Support Services at 735-5555

Emergency Signs
Emergency signs with the above contact information have been posted in every class, office and near entrance/exit doors throughout the campus.
Emergency Evacuation plans are posted beside the above poster. It is a map of where you should go should certain types of emergencies happen and based on where you are currently located.
Please take the time to look at these signs.

Violence Prevention on Campus
GCC will not ignore, condone or tolerate disruptive, threatening or violent behavior by any member of the GCC community or by visitors as stated in GCC Board Policy 171.
Should you encounter this type of situation, please use the contact information above.

Gun-free Campus
Pursuant to Public Law  27-116. No one is allowed to bring a firearm into GCC except duly appointed peace officers performing official duties, authorized personnel using the firing range or those with special permission from the President.

Clery Report
As a part of GCC Board Policy 170, GCC provides information as per The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act).  This report filed annually discloses information about crime on or near our campus. The reports can be found here on our Public Reports page.

Sexual Harassment
Through Board Policy 185, the College has “adopted zero tolerance toward sexual harassment, sexual assault and fraternization in any part of the College's programs, services, and activities.”

Some of the measures undertaken by GCC to help with accessibility for people with disabilities also assists in providing safe access away from buildings.

Night Administration
The College provides limited after-hour support for students and faculty in the form of night administration, located in Building "B". The Night Administrator is the designated manager of the college during the evening hours and all activities or requests for assistance must be coordinated with the Night Administrator.

Security Guards
GCC contracts the services of a private security company to provide security on campus.  Security activities are coordinated by Student Support Services. Security personnel are located in Building "B" and their main mission is to protect our GCC Community.  Security also assists students, faculty, and staff with traffic control, accidents, and incidents that occur on campus.

Student Health Center
The Student Health Center, located in Building 5000, first floor, provides:
  • Basic first aid for injuries and medical conditions that occur during school time
  • Assessment and nursing management of chronic health problems based on the client’s physician-prescribed therapeutic regimen*
  • Annual screening of employees for tuberculosis (TB) as required by law
Hours are limited so please call 735-5586 or visit their web page for more information.

Identification Badges
While on campus, all GCC students and employees must have in their possession at all times a valid GCC identification card/badge identifying them as a part of the GCC community.