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Program Requirements
Apprenticeship Training combines on-the-job learning provided by registered apprenticeship employers or sponsors with trade-related classroom instruction provided by Guam Community College or other educational or training institutions. GCC’s Apprenticeship staff works with employers to develop training standards that comply with federal guidelines. Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship training period, the apprentice earns journey worker status.

Benefits of GCC’s Apprenticeship Program
  • Employee skill levels affect the bottom dollar: journeyworkers provide better quality and higher productivity.
  • Employers who train apprentices invest in their business future and avoid skill shortages.
  • Apprenticeship training promotes corporate citizenship by supporting a valuable training program for employees.

Qualifications of an Apprentice
  1. MUST BE EMPLOYED with a registered apprenticeship company or sponsor through the Guam Department of Labor.
  2. Must be a US citizen or resident alien. 
  3. Must be 18 years of age or older. 
  4. Must be a high school graduate or have completed a high school equivalency program.

Components of Apprenticeship Training
An apprentice works a regular work week with the employer and attends program-paid, trade-related classroom instruction on a regular, scheduled basis. To ensure that program requirements are met and completed, the on-the-job (OJL) learning hours are maintained by the employer, while the trade-related instruction is maintained by GCC or the training institution. Upon successful completion of both components of the program, the apprentice earns a certificate of completion from the US Department of Labor.

Apprenticeship Classroom Instruction
A minimum of 144 hours of classroom instruction per year is required in an apprentice’s chosen occupation to augment skills learned on the job. Prescribed, trade-related courses are identified for each occupation in the employer standards.

Length of Apprenticeship Training
The length of apprenticeship training depends upon the skilled occupation but normally varies from two (2) to four (4) years. For example, an office manager/administrative services apprentice must achieve 4,000 on-the-job learning hours and complete a minimum of 288 classroom instructional hours. In contrast, a telecommunications technician must achieve 8,000 OJL hours and complete a minimum of 576 classroom instructional hours.

Cost of Apprenticeship Training
The Apprenticeship program pays for tuition, fees, and books associated with required classroom instruction (NO instructional cost to employer or apprentice). Also, the Guam Registered Apprenticeship Program (GRAP) provides employers with tax credits to include direct wages and fringe benefits of the apprentice, and personal protective equipment. For more information on GRAP, contact the Guam Department of Labor at 475-4558.


Contact Information
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