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Student Study Areas

Library, Building 4000

  • Small meeting rooms
The Library has three small meeting rooms with each equipped with a wall-mounted television. DVD players can be borrowed via the front desk. Each room can hold up to five people.
  • Chairs with pullout tables
Individual chairs with pullout tables are available throughout the 1st and 2nd floor. Most have power sources available close by.

Student Success Center, Building B                                                                  
  • Located in the Student Support Services Office, the Student Success  Center has a couple of tables and chairs where students can study in a quiet environment.
Study Room, Building E
  • Located on the first floor, this study room is closed off to insulate students from the walkways that surround it. Men and Women’s restrooms are connected to this room.

Study Hall, Building 1000
  • Running the entire length of the building on the 2nd floor facing Building 2000, this study hall has only one classroom alongside it. Long study tables, chairs and couches are provided.