Industry Certification in Cosmetology

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Industry Certification in Cosmetology

Industry Certification in Cosmetology

Total Credit Hours: 30

About Industry Certification in Cosmetology

Successful completion of the program will prepare students to pass The National –Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology Practical Examination in order to obtain a Guam license to qualify for positions in the cosmetology field. Students will acquire skills required to pass the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology Practical Examination and the two-part Guam Board of Cosmetology exam. Students will acquire skills needed to work in a variety of cosmetology-related occupations such as a cosmetologist, esthetician, salon owner, manicurist, hair color specialist, and/or makeup artist. Students will also gain effective interpersonal skills and demonstrate ethical conduct in a lab and shop setting.

The Industry Certification in Cosmetology program offers students opportunities to develop the skill, knowledge, attitudes and leadership qualities required to meet licensure standards of the Guam Board of Cosmetology. Through lecture, demonstrations and lab practice, students will complete a minimum of 1600 hours in this four-semester program with the option of exiting earlier in the program to apply for a manicurist license. Students may recover clock hours via a Continuing Education credit course. If a student is not present by the end of the second day of class, he or she may be dropped. A minimum grade of 75% is required to demonstrate competency in all courses.

 Technical Requirements

Course #

Course Name



Cosmetology I



Cosmetology II



Cosmetology III



Cosmetology IV




Total Requirements


Total Contact Hours Required


  1. Master the skills needed for entry-level work in a variety of cosmetology and related occupations. 
  2. Apply content knowledge and skills as indicated in the National-Interstate Council (NIC) of State Board of Cosmetology Practical Examination. (
  3. Utilize effective interpersonal skills and practice professional ethics needed to succeed in the cosmetology profession. 

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