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Visual Communications

Visual Communications

About Visual Communications

The Certificate of Completion for Visual Communications Secondary provides students with a fundamental understanding on the concepts of Visual Communications and its relevance in the job market.  The program concentrates on fundamental design principles, along with the computer skills necessary to create and deliver product in the print, web and video fields.  Coursework has been designed to encourage students in the development and exploration of their creative abilities while serving as an opportunity to supplement, reinforce and enhance the knowledge, skills, environment and attitude required for careers in Visual Communication.

All students who enroll in GCC CTE programs offered at Guam's public high schools must do so through the GCC Career Counselor assigned to their respective high school. The Career Counselor can help you decide if enrollment in the CTE Carpentry program is the most appropriate way for you to fulfill GDOE elective requirements and prepare for college and/or the workforce. The Career Counselor can also help you draft an educational plan that may allow you to graduate from high school with GCC postsecondary program credits, giving you a head start on your postsecondary associate degree or certificate.  

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:
  1. Understand the basic principle of design.       
  2. Use a computer Operating System.       
  3. Develop a personal art portfolio which includes examples of desktop publishing, slide shows, advertisements, spreadsheets, and video. 
  4. Scan documents, correct digital photography using PhotoShop and Illustrator, and plan and construct a web project.    

Joe Sarnie

Major: Visual Communications

"GCC's Visual Communications program helped me become better with various forms of visual media. Before GCC, I focused mainly on videography. Now I am competent in graphic design, photography, web design, marketing, and advertising. GCC offers excellent hands-on experience with knowledgeable instructors. You will receive a great education.