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About ProStart

ProStart is a three-year nationally recognized program developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF). It is based on the study of food preparation, customer service, and food service management. The program design prepares students for careers in food service and the restaurant industry. It develops students workplace "soft skills" that employers look for in a food service employee. Students that successfully complete the three-year ProStart program with a grade of 80% (B) or higher are awarded with a GCC Certificate of Completion. A Certificate of Mastery from GCC is awarded to students who complete 180 hours of internship in addition to meeting the requirements of the Certificate of Completion. Students who elect to take and successfully pass the NRAEF Solutions’ Year 1 and Year 2 examinations are awarded the NRAEF Certificate of Achievements. The ProStart Certificate of Mastery articulates to GCC HS140, Principles of Menu Planning and HS208 Food and Beverage Service.

All students who enroll in GCC CTE programs offered at Guam's public high schools must do so through the GCC Career Counselor assigned to their respective high school. The Career Counselor can help you decide if enrollment in the CTE ProStart Program is the most appropriate way for you to fulfill GDOE elective requirements and prepare for college and/or the workforce. The Career Counselor can also help you draft an educational plan that may allow you to graduate from high school with GCC postsecondary program credits, giving you a head start on your postsecondary associate degree or certificate.  

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:
  1. Write standardized recipes in order, calculate the cost of ingredients and determine sales price with an 80% proficiency.
  2. Demonstrate food production principles with appropriate tools and equipment utilizing proper food preparation techniques.
  3. Apply safety and sanitation principles and procedures, as well as, personal hygiene in food production.
  4. Practice professionalism and work ethics necessary for a successful career in food service.
  5. Demonstrate menu planning skills and technique with an 80% proficiency.