Culinary Arts Program Lab Uniform Policy

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Culinary Arts Program Lab Uniform Policy

Exhibit 5.13
Culinary Arts Program
Lab Uniform Policy
(Attachment A)


  1. The approved uniform for lab classes is as follows:
    1. Non-slip black shoes;
    2. White, long-sleeved, double-breasted chef jacket with GCC Culinary Arts logo;
    3. Checked cook pants;
    4. White full apron;
    5. Black beanie hat;
    6. Kitchen toolset
  2. Students are responsible for purchasing the required uniform, which is available at the GCC Bookstore.
  3. Students must report to laboratory classes in full uniform and remain in full uniform at all times until leaving the premise. Students not in full uniform will not be admitted into class. All components of the uniform are expected to be cleaned and pressed.
  4. Laboratory Grooming Standards: Students attending laboratory classes are expected to adhere to the following standards:

    1. Maintain high standards of personal cleanliness according to 2017 FDA Food Code
    2. 2-3 and 2-4.

  1. Chef Coat- Must be worn at all times students are in the kitchen/lab and must be clean and pressed (free of wrinkles). White t-shirt underneath the chef coat. No graphic/printed tee shirts.
Reason- Safety-Protect the student. Sanitation- protect from food contamination.
  1. Work Shoes- Must be worn at all times.  Shoes must be leather, non-slip sole, closed-toed and cleanable.
Reason- Safety-Protect the student from slips, spills and falls.
  1. Pants- Long checked chef pants must be worn in the kitchen at all times. Pants should be worn at the waist and pants length should be ankle length but not touch the ground.
Reason- Safety -Protect the student from spills and burns.
  1. Hair Covering- All hair must be covered, if hair extends beyond shoulder-length both hat and a hairnet must be used. This includes bangs that must be secured off the face or under a hairnet.
Reason- Sanitation- prevent hair from falling into food.

  1. Hands: No jewelry of any kind is to be worn in the kitchen except for plain band with no settings. 
  2. Ears: limit to one stud per ear, nothing dangling. 
  3.  Face:  all facial studs, piercings, chains need to be removed.  This includes nose, cheek, eyebrow and neck. 
  4. Wrist:  watches need to be removed and or buttoned to Chef Coat or shirt.  No bracelets.
Reason- Safety and sanitation- earrings and earring backs, ring settings which can fall into food products, piercing jewelry can be caught on pieces of equipment and can harbor food and germs causing unsanitary and unsafe conditions.  Wristwatches, wrist bands and bracelets are a potential source of cross-contamination.

  1. Nails and Nail Polish- No nail polish of any kind or false nails are permitted. All nails must be trimmed to finger length.
Reason- Sanitation and physical hazards.
  1.  Wounds, scratches, skin blemishes from the fingertip to the beginning of the forearm must be protected by single-use gloves.

  1. Sweaters, hoodies, jackets may not be worn in the laboratory kitchen.
  2. Perfumes and colognes are not allowed during laboratory classes.