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Research & Data

The Office of Assessment, Institutional Effectiveness and Research (AIER) work collectively with all sectors of the college community as they carry out the implementation of the Guam Community College comprehensive assessment plan campus-wide. In doing this, AIER serves as the central office for institutional data reporting.

As data integrity keepers, we oversee, manage, and ensure the accuracy and consistency of data in the most efficient and effective way.  The overriding objective in any data request is to make it clear and specific enough to ensure that you get the data you need.

Before submitting research participation or data request, consider whether the information you need is available elsewhere on the College website.  Additionally, keep in mind your request must be FERPA compliant.  You may also refer to the Research Participation and Data Request Guidelines.


Sources you may wish to explore before submitting a Data Request:


Once you’ve explored the sources above, and others, and have determined the information desired is not available, consider the following BEFORE submitting a request.  What? Why? and How?

  1. Determine what information you will request. By defining your question(s) as specifically as possible, you will see how the data you are requesting will answer the question(s) posed.

  2. Determine why the information you are requesting is needed.

  3. Explain how the information being requested will be used. What is its purpose? 

Our timeframe for responding to data requests can vary depending on the workload of our office.  To ensure we can meet your desired timeline, please submit your request, via Data Request Form or Research Participation Request Form, two weeks prior to when the information will be needed.