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Technology Department


The GCC Technology Department

The GCC Technology Department offers three very distinctive degrees: Computer Science, Computer Networking and Office Technology. Our programs are designed to provide the students with foundational knowledge and skills to enter the workforce and to advance as technology changes. We strive to prepare students for industry specific and national certifications in computer repair, networking and telecommunication. We are considered as the premier provider of office workforce development through building office knowledge and expertise by providing valuable learning opportunities in technology, communication, and professional skills to meet the needs of the individual and the community.


The GCC Advantage

The GCC Technology Department continuously strives to be at the fore front of technology. We provide students with the latest equipment and products that mirror real world experience. We combine comprehensive book knowledge with hands on compnents, so students have a visual connection with the applications before entering the workforce. Most of our specialty courses are preparatory classes for most National Certifications. We are the only Microsoft and Cisco Academies in Micronesia.


Academic Advising

The Technology Department is always ready to assist you. All of our faculty are willing to sit down with you and discuss your academic plan and career path. Please give us a call or email. We are here to help you have a great experience at GCC.

Career Opportunities...

How Computer Science, Electronics, and Office Technology courses can help you in your career

Our courses are designed to take all students through an intensive array of classes that start from the very basic of skills related to industry and ending with the most technical or complex classes just before graduation.  This ensures that a strong foundation is built, so the ever changing world of technology is easily adaptable and absorbed.

All courses offered in our department have clear and sound student learning outcomes (SLOs). Every one of our faculty strive to assist you in achieve the SLOs of the courses that you choose. Please refer to the course catalog for the SLOs in each course.