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Student Services

Here is a listing of student services provided by GCC to help you succeed:

Student IDs
Students, faculty, and staff must have a valid GCC identification card.

E-mail is provided to all students and employees as well as individuals connected to the college such as board members. This page will provide you with information on the use of your account.
Please note: All communications involving GCC related activities or issues shall be conducted through GCC e-mail only.

Google Suite 
Google Suite is available to all students and employees. It offers a variety of different tools to use in your class and also an easy way to collaborate.

MyGCC is Guam Community College’s portal for students and employees.  
You must have a Username and Password provided by GCC to enter.


Student Support Services Office (Bldg. B)

  •  Night Administration The College provides limited after-hour support for students and faculty in the form of night administration, located in Building "B". The Night Administrator is the designated manager of the college during the evening hours and all activities or requests for assistance must be coordinated with the Night Administrator.

  • Lost & Found Lost & found items are accepted at the Student Support Services Office in Building "B", all items will be logged in. Students, staff, and/or visitors claiming lost & found must present a valid ID and describe the item(s) lost.

  • Emergency Procedures

GCC has set procedures that should always be followed in order to preserve the safety and security of all students and employees.

  1. In any life-threatening emergency, please call 911 immediately.

  2. After providing that information to 911, please call Student Support Services at 735-5555 and/or the Environmental Health & Safety Officer at 788-2233.

  3. In any other emergency, please call Student Support Services at 735-5555 and/or the Environmental Health & Safety Officer at 788-223

Signs with this information are posted on all entrance/exit doors throughout the  campus.

  • Student Complaint Any complaints regarding students, employees or visitors on campus can be made at the Student Support Services Office during hours of operations.  These complaints could include harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, etc.  Complaints will be reviewed by the Associate Dean or Designee and will be processed accordingly.

  • Student Grievance Procedure For students who encounter problems, which cannot be resolved directly with the College instructor or other personnel involved, or who feel they have been discriminated against on the basis of color, age, sex, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation or Disability condition, please refer to the Student Handbook for procedures.