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A. BY E-MAILING WORK ORDER SERVICE REQUESTS - A work order must be submitted for services requiring a substantial amount of time, specific parts, special supplies/materials or equipment, cabling, and/or labor. For purposes of security and accountability, work orders must also be completed for ALL system access accounts involving the issuance or updating of passwords, e-mail addresses, and access to networked servers. All work requests are entertained in their order of submission, and may change depending on system or network emergencies, or as determined to be necessary due to unavailable MIS resources.

All e-mailed services must address requests to and can also be used to request for minor technical services and troubleshooting.  Minor services may require less than 30 minutes of work and travel time, and may not need parts, materials or supplies. It is recommended to copy MIS at when submitting work orders. Provide specifics of your location, building, room, or office. Include in your message contact telephone number(s) and name(s). Provide details of the service request and inform us of the best times to contact you at the location. We will first receive your initial e-mailed work order service request as a courtesy copy (CC'ed to, but it is recommended to direct or copy your e-mail to your Department Chair, Dean, or Administrator, who will then forward the e-mail to MIS. E-mailed service requests determined to require substantial work or clarification may be forwarded to your Department Chair, Dean, or Administrator. Requests sent to will be automatically tagged/logged into the system.

B. BY PHONE - Phone calls are either for very minor requests not requiring over 15 minutes, or for emergency situations such as downed file servers, or disconnection of a lab from the network or the Internet. Phoned-in services going beyond 15 minutes may require an official e-mailed work order and is at the discretion of the technician. Completed emergency services must be followed by a an e-mailed ( Work Order Service Request. We can be contacted at 735-5511, 735-5619, 735-5513, 735-8885,735-8884, or 734-0540.

C. BY WALK-IN - Walk-ins will be accepted but must be followed by e-mailed work orders, unless service provided is less than 15 minutes and is at the discretion of the technician. Walk-ins will only be entertained as scheduled by the technician. We are located at rooms D1, D5, in D-Wing, Student Center Open Lab in Rm. 5214, and at the LRC 1st Floor. 


D. BY APPOINTMENT - We can schedule to meet with you at the MIS office, or if necessary, we can also meet you at your location at the scheduled time. Work orders are not necessary for technical discussions or meetings. If technical services or assessments must be performed during the appointment, then an e-mailed work order is needed.