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Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities:

  • Be knowledgeable about college policies, procedures, requirements, and deadlines.

  • Obtain a semester Schedule of Classes to review possible course options prior to an appointment with your advisor.

  • Complete a trial schedule prior to meeting with your advisor.

  • Review your degree evaluation prior to any advising appointment.

  • Schedule and keep your advising appointments.

  • Know and fulfill college and major departmental requirements. All program requirements are listed in the college catalog.

  • Be responsible for processing, completing and obtaining all necessary forms required for obtaining your degree.

  • Follow through on recommendations or referrals discussed during your advisement appointments.

  • Contact an advisor immediately with your concerns about academic progress in a particular class or during the semester.

You are ultimately responsible for your college experience!

Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate concern for each Advisee.

  • Be available and accessible.

  • Provide accurate information.

  • Help develop realistic educational and career goals.

  • Assist in planning an academic program consistent with their interests and abilities.

  • Assist advisees with monitoring their academic progress.

  • Interpret academic policies, procedures and requirements.

  • Assist with the registration process.

  • Make appropriate referrals.