Online & Hybrid Learning

Online & Hybrid Learning

Distance Education Services @ GCC

One of the goals of Guam Community College's Distance Education program is to provide on-line students with an experience comparable to on-campus students. This is a list of services provided by GCC for on-line students.



Students may register for courses via MyGCC, using their student user ID and password assigned upon being admitted. Using the Registration Tools channel located in the My Courses tab in MyGCC, a student may locate and register for classes with their computer or mobile device. Students can find and register for classes using the “Look Up Classes” or ”Add/Drop Classes” tools. Students are advised to first check Registration Status and View Holds before registering.

Students should check their schedule after registering or attempting to register for classes. If a student schedule is incorrect or incomplete, the student is financially responsible, regardless. Corrections should be made before the first day of classes or risk being excluded from a class or having to pay for an unwanted class.

For more information or assistance visit the Admissions & Registration Office in the Student Services & Administration Building or contact the office at 735-5531 or e-mail us. 


Accommodative Services

Through its actions, the Office of Accommodative Services (OAS) seeks to create a climate at Guam Community College where all students, regardless of accommodative needs, become increasingly active participants in their educational experience. It will assist in the development of reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Accommodations are based on the specific disability that a student may have and the particular course they are taking. As a result accommodations are tailored to the individual’s needs in accessing courses and programs in a reasonable manner.

In order to receive services a student must fill out an accommodations request form and submit the completed form along with supporting documents identifying their disability. You can find these forms, as well as additional information by going to our Office of Accommodative Services web page.

You can access the forms by pressing the“Ctrl” key and clicking on the following links:

Request for Accommodations Form

Request for Accommodations Form for Continuing Students 

The Office of Accommodative Services can serve as a liaison between the student and the various offices at GCC. Accommodative Services will facilitate communication between students and GCC at the students’ request. This office works closely with faculty and staff in an advisory capacity in providing services. Accommodative Services may provide referrals for additional services and supports as requested by the student and as indicated by student and faculty input. This office requests and receives Monthly and Mid-Term Reports from faculty. These reports are used as the basis to contact and engage students in addressing possible areas of concern and to initiate referrals for other services.

The Office of Accommodative Services is located on the first floor of the Student Services and Administration Building in rooms 2138 and 2139. If students cannot come in to our office, OAS will work with students through phone and email during our normal office hours of Monday thru Friday from 8:00 – 5:00 P.M., except holidays. The Office of Accommodative Services may be reached by calling 735-5597 or through email.



Advisor assignments are made in accordance with the student’s program of study and are intended to be continuous throughout the student’s college career. Students will be able to identify their academic advisor via MyGCC. Using the Academic Profile channel located in the My Courses tab in MyGCC, students will see who is assigned to them and contact them via e-mail by clicking on the mail icon next to their advisor’s name. Undeclared students may be assigned advisors, however undeclared students not assigned an advisor should meet with a counselor from the Assessment and Counseling Department. Declared students not yet assigned an advisor should meet with an academic advisor from their program’s faculty.

Students are strongly encouraged to read and understand the information provided in the Advising Information channel in MyGCC.



Send an e-mail to the bookstore and provide the following information to purchase textbooks:


  1. Copy of their Student Identification Card (for the current semester)
  2. Must provide current Mailing Address and Contact Number
  3. Type of Financial Aid documentation:  VA, Pell Grant, AHRD vouchers, scholarships, etc.
  4. Type of payment:  Credit Card –must provide credit card authorization
  5. Student Class Schedule- verifying that they are enrolled in a  specific course

Once all documents are provided and payment is confirmed then the textbook will be mailed directly to the student. Students will be charged for the textbook. It will take about 8-14 days inter-island.
A copy of your receipt will be included with the textbook.



Online payment can be made via MyGCC via our website.


Business Hours and Contact Number:

8:00 A.M. –   4:00 P.M.   Monday – Friday

Cashier Number:  1 (671)735-5550



Assessment and Counseling Department offers limited services for distance education students via secure e-mail and tele-counseling (phone) during operating hours of the academic year.


Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for students who qualify at Guam Community College. The types of financial assistance available include Pell Grants, Federal Work Study, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, privately funded scholarships, and VA Education Benefits.
Applying for the PELL GRANT is easy:

Step 1:  Apply for your Federal Student Aid PIN number here.
Step 2:  Apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at their website
Step 3:  Follow up with the financial aid office in person, by e-mailing, or by calling our offices at 671-735-5543/4.
Step 4:   Access our forms online if you are selected for verification or required to provide further documentation.  Become familiar with your rights and responsibilities when accepting Federal Student Aid.
Applications and information about any of these types of financial assistance can be obtained online or by visiting the Financial Aid Office in the Student Services & Administration Building, Bldg. 2000 Rooms 2114, 2115, and 2116 or by calling 735-5543/4.  

Send us an e-mail or go to our web page.


Health Requirements for NEW students:

TB clearance within (1) one-year prior to school registration. For any individual entering Guam from an area other than the United States or its territories, Public Law 22-130 requires that a tuberculosis test must be conducted within six (6) months prior to enrollment. Those with positive test results must obtain medical evaluation from their private medical clinic first and then proceed to the TB Section of the Department of Public Health & Social Services for clearance.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Students must at least have one dose on or after the first birthday. Guam Immunization Protocol strongly recommends that individuals born in or after 1957 receive two doses of MMR, if they have never had measles (physician-diagnosed), or if they do not have confirmed laboratory evidence of measles immunity. Those born prior to 1957 are exempted from the MMR requirement.

  • Tetanus & Diptheria (TD) received within the last 10 years
  • Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) for students below 18 years of age
  • Properly completed Emergency and Health Information form


Exceptions to the above Health requirements:  Students who are enrolled only in an online (distance education) or Continuing Education course(s)s are exempted from the Health requirements above.   


Learning Resource Center/Library

The GCC Library website is a 24/7 gateway to information resources at GCC. Through the website, distance education (DE) students can search the library online catalog for print books, access over 133,000 e-books and thousands of electronic journals, magazines, and newspapers. DE students can check out e-books online and download to supported devices.  DE students can check out print books by e-mail for home delivery. Charges for shipping will be charged to the student’s account. A portion of a print book or magazine can be scanned and e-mailed to DE students, in accordance with GCC copyright policies.


The Library wants to hear from DE students! Librarians are available by phone, (671) 735-0231/735-0228, or e-mail during the hours the GCC Library is open. DE students can get help with database searches, narrowing results, finding the best resources available, and more or ask a librarian!


Payment Plan

For installment plan information, please call 1(671)735-5551 or email:  for more details.


Project AIM (Student Support Services)

Project AIM provides a wealth of services that help students to be successful in earning their certificate or degree in their chosen field and transfer to a four-year institution. DE students are welcome to apply electronically by submitting a Project AIM Application via email to determine his/her eligibility.
In order for an applicant to be eligible to participate in Project AIM services, one must be:

a) First Generation (neither parent has a four-year college degree),
b) Low Income (must be within income limits established by the U.S. Department of Education), or
c) Disabled (documentation required). 

How to apply for Project AIM TRIO

Print and fill out this application, then e-mail it to us.


Computer Lab

Participants have access to a computer lab for school-related purposes. Access is limited to on-campus activities.



Academic, personal, and financial aid counseling are offered to participants to assist them in reaching their educational goals.
Contact Counselor, KristiAnna Santos via e-mail, telephone at 735-5581, Project AIM Facebook or Skype.


Workshops on study skills and other high interest topics are provided to support participants in their academic endeavors. 
Contact Program Coordinator, James Fathal via e-mail,  telephone at 735-5594, Project AIM Facebook, or  Skype for more information.


Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
Project AIM coordinates with the Office of Accommodative Services to ensure disability services are provided.
Contact Program Coordinator, James Fathal via e-mail,  telephone at 735-5594, Project AIM Facebook, or Skype for more information.


Career Exploration
Career counseling is available for participants who need assistance in choosing a major or career.   
Contact Counselor, KristiAnna Santos via e-mail , telephone at 735-5581, Project AIM Facebook or Skype. 


Social and Cultural Enrichment Activities
Participants can enjoy fun and exciting activities that help students to explore and appreciate cultural diversity.
Contact Program Coordinator, James Fathal via e-mail, telephone at 735-5594,  Project AIM Facebook, or Skype. 


Assistance is given to participants interested in transferring to a four-year institution.
Contact Counselor, KristiAnna Santos via e-mail, telephone at 735-5581, Project Aim Facebook or Skype. 


Mentorship is required for freshmen participants to assist in their transition into collegiate life. Mentors provide Mentees with guidance and encouragement.
Contact Program Coordinator, James Fathal via: e-mail,  telephone at 735-5594, Project AIM Facebook,  or Skype for more information. 


Math tutorial websites: Khan Academy   and MathTV .
English Tutorial websites: English PageMy English Pages and Purdue Owl.
On campus tutoring services are available to help participants pass their classes.
Contact Program Coordinator, James Fathal via e-mail,  telephone at 735-5594,  Project AIM Facebook or Skype for more information.


Grant Aid
Supplemental funds are available to eligible participants who apply and meet the program’s requirements.
Contact Counselor, KristiAnna Santos via e-mail, telephone at 735-5581, Facebook, or Skype for more information.


Student Activities

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) office oversees an array of student initiatives with each guided by the belief that students must become intentionally involved in campus programs and activities in order to become fully prepared for the workplace and other life commitments.

Information concerning student activities is available online through the Center for Student Involvement website. For more information, please contact the Center for Student Involvement via e-mail or call 735-5518/9.


Student ID

All Guam Community College (GCC) students are required to have a Student Identification Card including online students. If you are an online student, please refer to the steps below to obtain your GCC Student ID card.

  1. E-mail the acceptance letter from the Admissions office, an enlarged legible photocopy of your driver's license or passport, and a current photo of yourself.
  2. Allow at least two weeks for the processing of your ID.
  3. This is a onetime process; your ID is valid as long as you are enrolled with Guam Community College.
  4. This process is only for online students.
  5. Ensure the mailing address listed is correct. The Student Support Services Office is not responsible for IDs that are delayed, damaged, undeliverable or returned by the post office.

If you have any problems or questions, call the Student Support Services Office at 671-735-5556, Monday – Friday from 8 A.M to 5 P.M.

Student Fees

DE students will pay the same fees assessed to on-campus students.



Each program of study is responsible for providing tutoring services. Please ask your instructor to find out what's available.


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