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English Department - Meet the Academic Advisors

Degree/Certificate Program Faculty Advisor Telephone Number Email Address
Accounting Pilar Pangelinan 735-5615 pilar.pangelinan@guamcc.edu
Adult High School Patricia Terlaje 735-5593 patricia.terlaje@guamcc.edu
Automotive Service Technology Jonathan Perez (DC) 735-5602 jonathan.perez1@guamcc.edu
  Jose Cejoco 735-5602 jose.cejoco@guamcc.edu
Civil Engineering Technology Ronald Santos (DC) 735-5601 ronald.santos1@guamcc.edu
Computer Aided Design & Drafting Ronald Santos (DC) 735-5601 ronald.santos1@guamcc.edu
Computer Networking Terry Kuper 735-3034 terry.kuper@guamcc.edu
Computer Science Yvonne Flores 735-5618 yvonne.flores@guamcc.edu
  Zhaopei Teng (DC) 735-5618 zhaopei.teng@guamcc.edu
Construction Technology Ronald Santos (DC) 735-5601 ronald.santos1@guamcc.edu
Criminal Justice Donna Cruz 735-5622 donna.cruz@guamcc.edu
Culinary Arts Bertrand Haurillon 735-5629 bertrand.haurillon@guamcc.edu
  Paul Kerner 735-5629 paul.kerner@guamcc.edu
  Vicky Schrage (DC) 735-5629/5581 marivic.schrage@guamcc.edu
Early Childhood
Dr. Marsha Postrozny (DC) 735-0260 marsha.postrozny@guamcc.edu
  Eleanor Lauilefue 735-0261 eleanor.lauilefue@guamcc.edu
  Deborah Ellen 735-0261 deborah.ellen@guamcc.edu
  Kirsten Rosario 735-0261 kirsten.rosario@guamcc.edu
Food Service Management Vicky Schrage (DC) 735-5629/5581 marivic.schrage@guamcc.edu
Hotel Operations & Management Eric Ji (DC) 735-5629/5581 eric.ji@guamcc.edu
Human Services/Family Services Pete Roberto (DC) 735-5570 joachim.roberto@guamcc.edu
Liberal Studies Carl Torres II (DC) 735-5600 carl.torresii@guamcc.edu
  Desiree Ventura 735-0274 desiree.ventura@guamcc.edu
  John Jocson 735-5600 john.jocson@guamcc.edu
  Juanita Tenorio 735-3020 juanita.tenorio@guamcc.edu
  Simone Bollinger (DC) 735-0268 simone.bollinger@guamcc.edu
  Tressa Dela Cruz 735-0271 tressa.delacruz@guamcc.edu
Marketing Katherine Chargualaf (DC) 735-3027 katherine.chargualaf@guamcc.edu
Medical Assisting Barbara Mafnas 735-5632 barbara.mafnas@guamcc.edu
  Katsuyoshi Uchima 735-5592 katsuyoshi.uchima@guamcc.edu
Medium/Heavy Truck Diesel Technology Jose Cejoco 735-5602 jose.cejoco@guamcc.edu
  Jonathan Perez (DC) 735-5602 jonathan.perez1@guamcc.edu
Office Technology Sandy Balbin 735-5618 sandy.balbin@guamcc.edu
  Tonirose Concepcion 735-3022 tonirose.concepcion@guamcc.edu
Pre-Architectural Drafting Ronald Santos (DC) 735-5601 ronald.santos1@guamcc.edu
Supervision & Management Frederick Tupaz 735-5618 frederick.tupaz@guamcc.edu
Surveying Technology Ronald Santos (DC) 735-5601 ronald.santos1@guamcc.edu
Tourism & Travel Management Eric Ji (DC) 735-5629/5581 eric.ji@guamcc.edu
Visual Communications Katherine Chargualaf (DC) 735-3027 katherine.chargualaf@guamcc.edu
  Nita Jeannette Cepeda 735-3025 nitajeannette.cepeda@guamcc.edu
  Paul Healy 735-3027 paul.healy@guamcc.edu
Undeclared Students Anthony Jay Sunga 735-5600 anthonyjay.sunga@guamcc.edu
  Anthony Roberto 735-5562 anthony.roberto@guamcc.edu
  Doreen Blas 735-5629 doreen.blas@guamcc.edu
  Joey Munoz 735-5622 jose.munoz@guamcc.edu
  Jonah Concepcion 735-5622 jonah.concepcion@guamcc.edu
  Jonita Kerr 735-5600 jonita.kerr@guamcc.edu
  Jose Lopez 735-5600 jose.lopez@guamcc.edu
  Kathryn Maloney 735-5600 kathryn.maloney@guamcc.edu
  Rebecca Toves 735-1103 rebecca.toves1@guamcc.edu
  Ronaldo Paulino 735-5600 ronaldo.paulino@guamcc.edu
  Steve Lam 735-3024 steve.lam@guamcc.edu
  Theresa Datuin 735-3024 theresaann.datuin@guamcc.edu
  Vera DeOro 735-0275 vera.deoro@guamcc.edu
  Wendell Roden 735-5600 wendell.roden@guamcc.edu
  Wilson Tam 735-6015 wilson.tam@guamcc.edu