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The Guam P.O.S.T. Commission meets regularly in the Guam Community College (GCC)  Learning Resource Center (LRC Room 112)

The Guam Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Commission is a territorial level organization, endowed with the authority to establish and set the standards for hiring, training, ethical conduct and retention of Peace Officers for the Territory of Guam through certification and approval 
(17 GCA, Chapter 51).  
Mission -To establish and set the standards for the training, hiring, ethical conduct and retention of Peace Officers for the Territory of Guam through testing, certification and review.

Vision -
Become a regional leader in establishing law enforcement career and workforce standards; assuring top-quality education & training; and providing effective services to develop professional peace officers and law enforcement organizations.
21st Guam Fire Department Fire Cycle (August to October 2018)

16th Criminal Justice Academy (May to July 2018)
Guam P.O.S.T. Commission Membership:
Guam Police Department Chief Joseph I. Cruz, P.O.S.T. Chair
Customs & Quarantine Chief Vincent S.N. Perez, P.O.S.T. Vice Chair
Dennis J. Santo Tomas, Executive Director, P.O.S.T. Commission

Chief, Guam Police Department
Guam Community College (1 non-voting)
University of Guam (1 non-voting)

Chief, Division of Aquatic & Wildlife Resources, Guam Department of Agriculture

P.O.S.T. Commission Meeting MINUTES

Office Location:
Room 2232
Student Services & Administration Building
8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Monday through Friday

Telephone numbers:
671.735.5611 (office)
671.734.1003 (fax)

E-Mail address: dennis.santotomas@guamcc.edu


P.O.S.T. Mailing Address:
Guam P.O.S.T. Commission

c/o Dennis Santo Tomas
Guam Community College
P.O. Box 23069, GMF
Barrigada, Guam 96921
Bertha M. Guerrero, Administrative Support