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In partnership with the Department of Public Health and Social Services (DPHSS) Environmental Health Division and Guam Community College offers individuals the necessary health certificate to work or serve in a food and/or drinking establishment. Here are the necessary steps in obtaining a health certificate:
DPHSS Mangilao, Environmental Health Division Process
Individuals must first proceed to DPHSS Mangilao, Environmental Health Division (2nd Floor) for health certificate processing.
  1. Obtain the Health Certificate Clearance Application.
  2. Clients must have their Tuberculosis (TB) shot updated within six (6) months.
  3. Submit application and fee of $10.00 to DPHSS.
DPHSS will give all clients an Interim Health Certificate that will allow the client to work until their workshop date. Clients must be aware of their date and time to report to Guam Community College to process registration for their workshop. Clients are highly encouraged to register days prior to their health certificate workshop date from Monday - Thursday, 8:00am - 2:00pm or register 30 minutes prior to their workshop time on the same day. Registration will not be accepted after 2:45pm.
Guam Community College Process
Student Services & Administration Building, Bldg. 2000
  1. Clients must register with GCC, Continuing Education & Workforce Development, room 2122/2123 (1st floor, right hallway).
  2. Clients must have their Interim Health Certificate, valid picture ID (drivers license, GovGuam ID, passport, work ID, school ID), and payment of $15.00 to receive a registration form.
**Clients are to check their results at DPHSS Environmental Health Division the next business day. Please do not call DPHSS, they will not give results over the phone. Present your ID and interim health certificate to receive results.**
On-site Health Certificate Workshop Training
On-site health certificate workshops are for school organizations, other organizations/agencies who need to obtain an organization health certificate. For more information, contact GCC's Tourism & Hospitality Department to schedule an on-site health certificate workshop at 735-5629.
Accommodative Services
For clients who need accommodative services, please contact CE&WD 2 weeks prior to workshop date, so we could better assist you in providing the accommodation services. *Clients seeking accomodations must have certified documentation for services.*
Health Certificate Lecture Information
The Health Certificate Workshop Handout will be given to clients on the day of their workshop. The handout has the same information that will be presented during the health certificate workshop lecture. Clients can download the handout prior to their workshop to better assist them during the lecture and exam. Click on the PDFs below.
1. HCW 1-8 / 2. HCW 9-18 3. HCW 19-28 / 4. HCW 29-30 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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