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Hafa Adai!  As the new department responsible for developmental education, our current mission is to transform the mathematics and English program to meet student needs and goals that help them progress into college level courses here at GCC.  Courses that fall under development education are EN100B, EN100R, EN100W, MA085, MA095, and MA108.  Our instructors have worked in the area of developmental education for many years and have done extensive research of best practices.  Nevertheless, we would like to hear from you.  Do you have any suggestions or comments?  Do you want to share your experiences?  We want to know what works and what doesn't.  Click on the link below to submit your comments, suggestions, and/or experiences.  Thank you!
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Meet Our Team 
Our Associate Dean
Elizabeth Diego, Ph.D
Office Information
Location: 2nd Floor Student Services and Administrative Building
Office Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm Monday - Friday
Office Phone: 671-735-5606
Office Fax: 671-735-5238
Math Full-time Faculty
Associate Professor
Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Argosy University 2014
M.S. Environmental Science, University of Guam 2009
B.A. Mathematics & Secondary Education, University of Guam 2001 
Office Contact Info:
TC 1204
Jose B. Lopez II
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Mathematics Education, University of the Philippines Open University (Current Student)
M.A. Mathematics Education, Technological University of the Philippines 2003
B.S. Statistics, University of the Philippines 1981 
Office Contact Info:
Class Website
Kathryn S. Maloney
Ed.D. E-Learning, Northcentral University (Current Student)  
M.A. Learning and Technology, Western Governors University 2006
B.S. History, University of Wisconsin 1995
Office Contact Info:
Trisha Danielle Unten
2013 - Present
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. E-Learning, Northcentral University (ABD, current student) 
M.Ed. Secondary Education Instructional Technology, University of Guam 2007 
B.A. Mathematics & Secondary Education, University of Guam 2005
Microsoft Certified Educator 2015 
Office Contact Info:
Class Website
English Full-time Faculty 
Assistant Professor
M.A. Counselor, University of Guam 2006
B.A. Special Education, University of Guam 1982 
Office Contact Info:
M.A. Reading, University of Guam 1986
B.A. General Social Science and Secondary Education, University of Guam 1976 
Office Contact Info:
Wilson Tam
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. TESOL, Northcentral University (ABD,Current Student) 
M.Ed. TESOL, University of Guam 1997
B.S. Industrial Technology, Walla Walla College 1982
A.S. General Contracting, Walla Walla College 1981 
Office Contact Info:
Rebecca (Becky) Toves

Associate Professor
B.A. Speech: Rhetoric and Communication,
University of Oregon 1987
Office Contact Info: 
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