Pre-enrollment Counseling
• We provide information regarding admission procedures, placement test requirements, instructional programs, and other services.

Academic Advisement
• Assist students with program planning, course selection, and scheduling
• Help students plan strategies or approaches to successful academic and goal achievement
• Encourage students to maintain satisfactory academic progress

Career Counseling
• Work with students in facilitating the career exploration process
• Work with the administration of standardized inventories, computerized surveys, and tests, assist in exploring values, interests, and abilities for application to the world of work

Personal Counseling
• Provide limited personal counseling
• Adhere to ethical standards by keeping counseling sessions confidential
• Provide referrals for resources in the community

Student Advocacy
• Protect students' basic human rights
• Assist in mediation of disputes and grievances
• Act as the advocate of the student

• Interpret standardized tests
• Administer the English and Math Placement Test
• Conduct interest inventories, personality surveys, aptitude tests, and value appraisals
• Administer the Foreign Service Examination Coordinate site testing for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

Workshops and Classroom Presentations

GCC Counselors provide the following workshops/presentations:
Stress Management
Career Development
Anger Management
Goal Setting
Study Skills
Personality Types
Time Management
Team Building

Training and Technical Support

To help improve career decision-making, GCC counselors use the following programs with students, parents, teacher, and caseworkers:

CHOICES - The computer software provides assessments for career planning, information on more than 600 O*NET occupations, college applications, financial aid, job openings, portfolio management, resume writing, interviewing tips, and other internet links to career-related resources. This software is now available online for all GCC students at .  Please contact the Assessment and Counseling department to meet with a counselor to access this online program.

Real Games Series - The classroom lessons/units provide simulations of real life situations for secondary and post-secondary students. The lessons develop an understanding of career and educational planning and their relationship to the world of work.

Global Career Development Facilitator - Certified Counselors provide training for professionals who assist students/Clients with career and educational planning. The training meets requirements for certification as Career Development Facilitator.

Improved Career Decision Making - The department provides curriculum-based instruction to help counselors/teachers use occupational and labor market information effectively with their clients/students.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Counselors provide training on the interpretation of the psychological personality inventory. Trainees can appreciate type dynamics and its relation to relationships and the classroom and/or workplace environment.