Academic Resources:
How to Study Guide (online resource)
Taming Test Anxiety (pdf)
Career Resources:
CHOICES - The computer software provides assessments for career planning, information on more than 600 O*NET occupations, college applications, financial aid, job openings, portfolio management, resume writing, interviewing tips, and other internet links to career-related resources. This software is now available online for all GCC students at . Please contact the Assessment and Counseling department to meet with a counselor to access this online program.
Nontraditional Careers (pdf)
For more information on career planning, please click on the links below to visit various websites:
Personal Counseling Resources:


Resource Directory of Association of Individual, Marriage and Family Therapists of Guam (pdf)

Counseling Advocacy Booklet (pdf)

Dealing with and Preventing Cyber Bullying (pdf)