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Chalani 365 is an
innovative year-round registration program GCC launched in 2017 in order to improve students’ opportunities to stay in school and graduate in a timely manner. Click on the flyer to see details and important Chalani 365 dates!

Chalani 365 allows GCC students to register at one time for an entire academic year. They can register for classes for the upcoming semester, and for two terms ahead: summer-fall-spring, fall-spring-summer, or spring-summer-fall. 

“For students, this eliminates the hassle of having to come to GCC every semester to register for classes, and guarantees them a spot for required courses,” said Dr. Julie Ulloa-Health, Acting Coordinator, GCC Admissions & Registration. 

“Colleges and universities that have implemented this innovative registration plan have seen an increase in enrollment, and in retention and persistence rates,” said Dr. Ray Somera, GCC Vice President for Academic Affairs. The retention rate marks consistent enrollment from fall to fall, and the persistence rate marks sustained enrollment from fall to spring semester, Dr. Somera noted.

An important note about Chalani 365 is that students do not have to PAY for the pre-registered semester until the payment deadline for that semester. Click here to view Chalani 365 payment deadlines and other details. 

Other important information about Chalani 365:

• Students can register for up to nine credits for the summer term, and for up to 15 credits for fall and spring semesters. Students wishing to register for 15 credits will need to obtain approval from an advisor or department chair. 

• Schedule changes can be made up to the posted dates for the last day of registration and for the schedule adjustment period for a particular semester. 

• Financial Aid priority date deadlines for each semester are posted and will still apply. 

• Students can pre-register for a class requiring a prerequisite; however if they drop or fail the prerequisite, they will be dropped from all pre-registered courses requiring that prerequisite.

• All account holds must be cleared before any registration can occur. 

For more information about Chalani 365, contact your GCC Academic Advisor, or call GCC’s Admissions & Registration Office at 735-5531, or the Office of Communications & Promotions at 735-5638.