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Associate of Science Degree

Success Stories
Students in the GCC Accounting Program for Academic Year 2014-2015  assisted in the production of the 2014 Citizen Centric Report (CCR) for Guam Community College. The CCR is a four-page synopsis of college activities and finances that is required by law to be posted on an institution's web site annually.
Program Description
The Associate of Science in Accounting blends accounting concepts and skills, financial applications, and business elements with accounting software, and includes instruction in computerized accounting, basic accounting principles and financial accounting applications. The mission of GCC’s Accounting program is to develop a workforce that accurately and professionally addresses the accounting requirements of the dynamic business environment on Guam and in the region. The program trains individuals for employment in private or government accounting fields and provides employees working in accounting-related fields with the knowledge to upgrade their job skills.  Students are offered opportunities to experience professional accounting environments through service learning projects that educate, empower, and enable them to be civically engaged. They will gain skills that lead to participatory leadership, effective citizenship, and increased volunteerism.

Degree Requirements
Career Opportunities
The Associate of Science in Accounting prepares students for employment in positions such as assistant bookkeeper, accounts receivable bookkeeper, accounts payable bookkeeper, payroll clerk, ledger clerk, and accounting clerk. This degree also allows them to transfer credits to a four-year institution.*
*Credit transfer is contingent upon the requirements of the receiving institution.
The GCC Advantage
Students experience professional accounting environments through service learning projects that educate and empower them. They gain skills that lead to professional enhancement, participatory leadership, and effective citizenship.

Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the AS in Accounting Program, students will be able to:

• Apply accounting theory and principles to accounting procedures and practices for either financial and/or hospitality accounting systems.
• Demonstrate computer-based knowledge of the accounting cycle and the ability to perform necessary procedures at each step of the cycle for various types of businesses.
• Develop dispositions and values suitable to the practice of accounting in the real world.

Program Mission
The mission of the Accounting program is to develop an accounting workforce reflecting the needs arising from the continual changing economic business environment in the Guam community and the region. 
Contact Information
Location: D Building, Room D-8B
Phone:  735-5618
Accounting Advisor:  Pilar Pangelinan, Associate Professor 
Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 1:00 – 2:00 p,m. ;  Monday & Wednesday 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Association of Junior Accountants
A student organization mainly composed of accounting majors or other students interested in the field of accounting and finance.  Their goal is to network with other students and accounting professionals.  They meet Mondays from 5:30-6:00 p.m. in Room C23.       
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