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Placement test results are valid for two (2) years. While placement testing is not mandatory for admission to the College, it is required for enrollment in English and Mathematics courses, which are required early in all programs. Therefore, students who plan to enroll full-time should take the placement test as soon as possible. The College reserves the right to require students to be re-evaluated using its placement test at any time.

The College uses a computerized program called ACCUPLACER to determine appropriate placement in English and Mathematics courses. Get the free web-based study app by clicking on the link below.

To take the placement test, students are required to present a picture identification card and pay a non-refundable $22 fee at the Cashier’s office. Students who have a GCC Student ID can also call the Cashier's office at 735-5550 to make payment online. All fees are subject to change. 
When a student is ready to take the test, he or she should click on a testing date below to sign up. The student must present his or her receipt and identification to the counselor or proctor on the testing date. Testing results are available a few minutes after the test is completed. Students with disabilities may request accommodations for test taking through the Accommodative Services Coordinator, located in Rooms 2138/2139 in the Student Services & Administration Building (735-5597).
You MUST have a GCC Student ID# and Receipt# to complete this request. 
For more information:
Office: 671.735.5583

Office Locations: Student Services and Administration Building, Rooms 2129, 2132, 2133, 2134, 2135

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