Dual Enrollment Accelerated Learning (DEAL) Program
“The DEAL program provides students who are academically ready with an opportunity to get a head start on their college careers. Additionally, this program allows students to develop college success skills needed for completion of college level course work.” 
Dr. Michael Chan (FDMS ’93)
GCC Associate Dean
GCC’s Dual Enrollment Accelerated Learning (DEAL) program allows eligible students to enroll in college courses concurrently with high school classes and to receive both high school and college credit simultaneously. GCC has DEAL program agreements with Guam's five public high schools, with Father Duenas Memorial School, and with the Home School Association of Guam.
How DEAL works
Students accepted into the program will take GCC’s placement test, and if they place into one of the college courses on the DEAL list, the student will register at GCC and enroll in the course/courses. The student will take the course at GCC, most likely after school or during the summer, although it is not uncommon to have students participate in DEAL during the fall and spring semesters. Upon successful completion of the college course(s), the student will receive credit for the corresponding high school course toward high school graduation (without having had to take that high school course), AND receive college credit, also to count toward college graduation.

“Another thing to keep in mind is that EN110, MA110, MA161A, and MA161B are all transferrable to the University of Guam, and we have had students who were able to transfer these courses to community colleges and four year universities in Hawaii and the mainland,” notes Dr. Michael Chan, GCC Associate Dean. “So it is a bit more than just a means for students to avail themselves of high school credit in order to graduate and receive their high school diploma.  It is also a very effective means of getting a head start in college to attain their post-secondary degree.”

To apply for this program, eligible students may pick up a DEAL application packet from their high school principal or college counselor or GCC career counselor. Students should complete all forms and return them to their counselor for submission to the GCC Admissions and Registration Office. Students must then work with their college counselor in scheduling college classes. Students and their parents/guardians are responsible for paying college tuition and fees and purchasing textbooks.

DEAL Scholarship!
Because finances serve as a barrier to participation for some students, GCC offers DEAL Scholarships. Please see the DEAL Scholarship promotional flyer and Scholarship application form linked here. Students should submit their completed application form to Associate Dean Gary Hartz via e-mail at, or to his office, 2222 Student Services and Administration Building, GCC.
If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Hartz via e-mail, or call 735-0205.

DEAL Program Courses:
GDOE High Schools
LA411 Advanced Placement Language & Composition
 EN110 Freshman English
 MA301 Trigonometry & Analytical Geometry MA110 Finite Mathematics
 MA401 Elementary Functions MA161A
 Father Duenas Memorial School*
 EL09 Composition
 EN110 Freshman English
 MA04 Pre-Calculus
 MA161B College Algebra & Trigonometry II
 Home School Association of Guam
 Home schooling curriculum
 English, math and Japanese courses
•    Student must be at least 16 years old
•    11th or 12th grade only
•    Approval of high school principal and GCC counselor
•    Written approval of parent/guardian
•    Meet course prerequisites for enrollment in DEAL courses
•    *FDMS requires students to have a minimum 3.0 GPA to participate
•    Students must complete all college courses with a grade of “C” or better to continue in the DEAL program
Questions about DEAL?
Call Dr. Michael Chan at 735-5573 or email
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